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Tracy Cole

Full Name: Tracy Shannon Cole
Nicknames: none
Birth date: 04/05/1963
Hometown: Sterling, Illinois
Marital Status and Children: Cyndi - wife, Taryn & McKenzie - Daughters
Pets: Bruiser - a Chihuahua
Hobbies/ Interest: Baseball, video games and TV
Instruments played: Lead Guitar
Musical Influences: Beatles, Queen, Santana, Journey
How got started in music: When I was 8 years old my brother, Kerry told me he would give me a guitar if I learned to play Neil Young’s song “Birds” by Christmas. I had 2 weeks to learn the song. I still have the guitar. After high school, I joined Kerry and the Lefty Brothers in Springfield, Missouri.
What’s in your Ipod now: Anthing Cris Tomlin
Favorite Tony Orlando song: He don’t love you
Favorite Non Tony Orlando song: Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
Best place you have visited on tour: New York City
What do you like to do while on the road: Attend as many baseball games as possible and play my Play station video game.
Song you like most but are embarrassed to admit: If you asked my wife and kid’s, it would be anything from the seventies.
Favorite color: purple
Favorite Number: 5
Favorite Movie: Stripes
Favorite TV show: Friends - any sitcom
Favorite Food: Chinese
Favorite drink: Diet Coke
Favorite Christmas Carol: Silent Night
Favorite Actor: Tom Hanks
Favorite Actress: My girls, whenever they want something.
Favorite fast food: Taco Bell
Favorite day of the week: Sunday
Life Statement or Motto: Live life with a smile on your face.
Write below your favorite Tony Orlando story you like to tell: Tony has to be the best tour guide of anyone in the world. It doesn’t matter if we’re in London, England, Memphis, Tennessee or Hershey, Pennsylvania. He unbelievably knows something about all the places we visit and he tries to take time to show us around. I’ve always told him, if he ever gets tired of music he could have a new career being a tour guide.

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